The First NFT Coin


Skeleton Brawlie Coins can be exchanged with Skeleton Brawlie NFT's.

Real Coin Value

Skeleton Brawlie Coin price will changed based on the community acts.
500.000 SBC's are minted.

How It Works ?

When an investor owns some SBC ,
 the investor decides the sale price.
As you can understand its matter of sale&demand.

Effect in Our NFTs

Increase of SBC automatically means that old Skeleton Brawlies NFT will be cheaper and new Skeleton Brawlies will have higher floor price.

How Exchange Works?

Investors will just need to contact us through our Social Pages or Contact Page.
Everything will be executed in less than 24hours.

Skeleton VIP

Owners of SBC NFT coins will have access in many limited edition and contests of Skeleton Brawlies NFTs.