Skeleton & Dickhead Brawlies Roadmap 2021-2022

Discord Achievements

 - Reach  500 Discord Members
- Reach 1000 Discord Members
- Reach 2500 Discord Members 

Skeleton Brawlie Coin Achievements:
- Create Draw System where owners of Brawlie Coin NFTs can use them for lucky draws. ✅
- Reach 2500 Skeleton Brawlie Coin Owners (At 0.004ETH Floor Price) 

Eventual Goals When Above Is Achieved:
- Reach 5000 Discord Members
- Reach 5000 Skeleton Brawlie Coin Owners (At 0.04ETH Floor Price) 

Other partnerships correlated to implement in the process when achieving the above:
- Create partnerships with other NFT projects to accept Brawlie Coin as Exchange for their NFTs.
- Launch Skeleton Coin Cryptocurrency.
- Apply for listing at Coinmarketcap etc.

and more......

We ll donate 2-5% from every transaction made from our Cryptocurrency coin in a charity chosen by the Brawlers Community!!!