Skeleton Brawlie Coin NFT

Skeleton Brawlies NFTs
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Skeleton Brawlie Coin is one of the things that make us innovators and unique in the NFT world.
We were the first NFT project that launched this and basically our idea was to create one NFT that will have exchangable power with NFTs from other projects.

Currently we have activated it only for Skeleton Brawlies NFTs but in the near future we ll collaborate with other projects that will accept this NFT coin as an exchangable method.
Those NFT coins can be acquired from Twitter giveaways, Discord giveaways or can be purchased from Opensea.

Currently the exchangable rates for our NFTs are :

For 1 x Lite Skeleton Brawlie NFT -> 25x Skeleton Brawlie Coin NFTs
For 1 x Premium Skeleton Brawlie NFT -> 50x Skeleton Brawlie Coin NFTs
For 1 x Silver Skeleton Brawlie NFT -> 100x Skeleton Brawlie Coin NFTs

If you have collected the needed Skeleton Brawlie Coins then you ll need to contact admin in Discord or in Twitter to start the proccess of the exchange.
Exchange will be executed within the day you request it.

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